Saturday 19 March 2011

Wee Spiney Beastie

In Iceland they have trolls. In London they have rat boys. Wherever else in Britain can be found hills, fells and mountains there are dragons. Yet not back in Cumbria, where there they have in Windermere the... Tizzy Wizzy. A fearsome beast with the body, head and limbs of a hedgehog it has prowled the lake ever since at least the 1950s when it was made up by two drunks on a boat and heartily supported by hoteliers. And the picture above is Bassenthwaite Lake, not Windermere. Bassenthwaite is the lake you might have seen if ever you’ve been driving up there and then related how you’d seen Windermere. You know where there are Swallows, and Amazons. Which might be Coniston. Or hell, Buttermere. A lake anyway. Some water. You know, the Lakes – all up north and not in Devon as some might rather wish...
Here in Tolly Maw now and we don’t have lakes. Or we sort of do, in that there’s a brackish pond in the woods occupied by a single man, bald and happy where he teases the water with liquorice. I have not the first idea why and rather fear that I may soon find out.  

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