Tuesday 21 February 2012

So, New Then

So after half an evening of wasted time Google has kindly changed everything. Much as I love downloading crap that makes things worse we're now in the much better position of not being able to simply copy and paste what's been written in word, into here. So there's this 'triffic piece about fifty things to do with excess pancakes, and there elsewhere it remains.

The idea that every entry is first typed directly into here is laughable. What is it with computer-witchery that when something works perfectly well it has to be changed for no appreciable reason? If the way things are now is so amazing, why will it be in the space of a minute suddenly rubbish whenever the next old sock of tosh comes along? The formatting is worse too. I mean, look at it.

Still, lovely whilst it lasted. Unless that's solved by some means my pressing and investigating every new button hasn't revealed I can't see how any but the simplest updates can be achieved.

Bag. Of. Arse.


  1. Where science fails replace with magic. I shall sacrifice to the deities in charge and command an end to the rubbish. Henceforth you shall do as you wish with this blog or any other or poo shall fall on them all from a great height.

  2. It worked for me. I just created a blog on here and pasted in from word and no problems.

  3. I'm not the only one, there're comments on it elsewhere. With Google Chrome things have changed in appearance and there is no paste function. Using other than Google Chrome and it won't let you do much at all.

  4. Do you use ctrC to copy and ctrV to paste?

  5. Yep - just tried it too. Use ctrl & A (or Apple & A) to highlight the text and then ctrl C (Apple & C) to Copy and ctrl & V (Apple & V)to paste.
    Though agree is proper toss - they changed their e-mail layout about a month ago - nothing wrong with it, but they've decided to replace buttons with the word for its function with a small icon - they look like Lilliputian road signs - my great uncle, a former Spitfire mechanic and not particularly prone to Luddite thoughts just couldn't decipher them. Proper rubbish - change stuff to make it better, not newer.

  6. Ta! I'd never have found ctrl this and that, and I did go scampering around the net looking for already-asked about this problem. Change for better aye, not for newer - quite so.