Sunday 20 March 2011

Mars Needs Moms?

I’ve not seen it. I’m a bit scared to. It seems to have that creepy animation style typified by Polar Express. The sort that most amply demonstrates what programmer’s sexbots will be like when they at last get their feverish dreams to fruition, surely the point of robotic studies the world over? Well alright, prosthetics, but with the eventual end of trying to pass off S1nD as a real girl. We’ll be polite and all, but there’ll be looks. So that’s why I fear it. Or at least why I’ll have to go to the flicks to see it else otherwise run the risk of it being an ill-advised DVD choice when visiting. When visiting programmers. Programmers to whom Toy Story was a bit close to the knuckle.
It’s been panned, but what do people know? It’s cost a bazillion-zillion to make and took £14.20 in its opening week. But, meh - and the same again.
But more important than that, is that it’s based on a book by Berkeley Breathed. Berkeley Breathed of Bloom County, Outland, and probably something else by now with a dead cat in it. Berkeley Breathed that from the picture on his back covers is in fact D-Day Day from Animal House. And Bloom County was a bit of a hit round these parts, infiltrating across from person to person way-back-when. Sure we had even less idea of American political or pop-culture then than we do now (this was before Buffy). Sure it had a talking penguin. A dead cat. A lawyer, a hacker and stranger things. But it was Bloom County and I even loved the floppy-disc singles released with the Billy And The Boingers collection.
So I want to see Mars Needs Moms because somehow, in some manner, it will be Bloom County. It’s not written (the film) by Breathed. But how much can that matter?

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