Saturday 7 July 2012

Ten Minutes With Mrs Peel

For once a fine day and therefore...  mowing. With the better half at work, and with the sprouts under my care then nonetheless in between daily rain showers it was cutting of grass, and preparing sports days shirts, not to mention a good run up at the tax forms, and yet all done and before Q was home. Astonished I turned to a commission piece of art I’ve been playing with for ages but which, so tight is the brief, I’m simply not getting right to my satisfaction. So before the sun dips and a challenge, to break the intensity, a different sketch entirely and one I timed myself at. Ten minutes from pencil touching paper and no more. So ten minutes later and a very quick Emma Peel style 60s super-spy (for another project entirely).
But to be fair, what day isn’t a little less frustrating for an Emma Peel style 60s super-spy?
The ten minute challenge – give it a go.

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