Wednesday 8 February 2012

Headless Model Lisle Prestzl Shocker!

Outrage at twenty-two inch waist model Ioana Spangenberg has died already in the follow up to yesterday's hype regarding a freak (and a bit of a frightening one at that) with the signing to the new Mrs Frisby’s lingerie range of Lisle Prestzl, a model with a perfectly normal waist but no head. Mrs Frisby’s have released a statement to the effect that Miss Prestzl’s work is not exploitative, and is indeed positively empowering to the no-headed - a genuine and mostly ignored affliction.
Not new to the scene, the headless Miss Prestzl has been modelling provocative lingerie for more than eighteen months now, only (the ranges aimed at men buying for wives and girlfriends) none of the target market previously noticed  

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