Monday 26 September 2011

Spooks, Series Ten


I don’t care how silly it might seem but episode three of series ten of Spooks better involve Harry and a returned Malcolm finding the lost, mythical city of Hamunaptra. There armed with the Book Of The Dead they can bring about the return of Ros Myers, because for fuck’s sake. 


  1. So did you get to see episode 1 first?

  2. Nope, but given that Tom started there, Adam, Ros and Lucas then were brought in and developed before taking up the position of senior I'd be surprised if one missed episode really puts in place... thingy, can't remember her name. You know, the one whose choice of shoes is pointy heels.

    Harry good, Ruth good, Dimitri is flat and never went anywhere and they've just killed off Tariq. Everyone else is new and I've only missed the one episode.

  3. I was too busy laughing at Alice Krige's botox. I know it's not called the Circus anymore but someone should tell her to stop wearing clown make-up.
    I'm hoping they'll raise Alec Guinness and he can solve the whole thing from a bedsit off Russell Square armed only with 20 Rothmans.
    Sad about Tariq but nice to see that MI5 are pioneering working from home. Will scan the free papers eagerly for 'Wanted spy. Must have own internet.' Given previous incumbents life expectancy, thingy has as much chance of surviving this series as a bloke in a red Star Trek uniform

  4. She's the Borg Queen. She's got no idea about make up because she's only imitating a human until the ship arrives.Then it won't matter who has the microfiche stuffed up their cardigan, they will all be assimilated - except Harry, because he's from a different future anyway.

  5. I want them to bring Malcolm back now. With Tariq dead it's possible. He brings a more Smiley air to things, I thought it was excellent when he appeared a couple of times in the last series.

    Also the character puts aside the idea that everyone in computers is a hip yet geeky cool kid. It's doubtless my own age, but I know computer people, one in security, and they're all pushing 50*. We're the computer generation - well, not I obviously - and people that have been doing it for thirty years and still mutter that a real computer is not one that you can pick up aren't going to be suitable to be a new Dr Who companion.

    *Apart from Jerry. I've known Jerry for thirty years, and he celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday back in June.