Friday 16 September 2011

When I Grow Up

Mark Silvester's always too busy nowadays

It seems that whilst our grandfathers all wished to be engine drivers and fighter pilots, when asked recently boys in the 13-15 year brackets were divided as to their aspirations. Slightly edging ahead and especially in the suburbs came ‘Gangsta’, with ‘Space Marine’ a close second. The current favourite for the #1 music download this Christmas is a rapping champion of the Emperor’s divine fury, in the 41st millennium.
It wasn’t like that when I was a child, even when as a young teenager I made all my much older chums record for posterity their dream future in the letter col of a popular fanzine. I found the issue last night when going through great stacks of old paper, and here they are:
‘A wizard.’
‘An elf. A girl elf. With tiny tits. And a penis.’
‘Jerry Cornelius. Stringer for the NME 1970-74. Green Arrow, circa issue # 78-79. David Callan. Robin Hood series 1&2, not series 3.’
‘Leslie Philips.’
And, 'Voltan the Axe'
It was a manlier time. Oddly as it turns out now roughly thirty years later one of them did become Leslie Philips, one did end up as an assassin with a decent collection of toy soldiers, and ironically the last has recently been chosen through fierce ordeal to be taken aboard a mighty sky galleon to be all bald and angry at Space Orks.
So, swings and roundabouts.

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