Saturday 27 October 2012

Jenny The Green

Jenny-the-Green as she appears near the start of King Fits (and later the driving force behind book two, Green Chief).
“Me,” she said. “That were a nice axe and all. You’d better be worth it.” About his height, Jenny was eighteen perhaps. Certainly older than he but it was hard to be precise so well hidden was she in her shapeless clothes.
Her face was round and when she smiled she resembled every child’s drawing of its big sister. Her knotted and braided hair would have been wild had it not been weighted down by dozens of wooden and silver bells, beads and tiny plastic toys. Pouches and pockets on the belt she wore over one shoulder were stuffed, taut - and it was a belt very crowded indeed. If she and Billy were in danger then clearly she recognised it, but delighted in it all the same. Jenny the Green had been called a force of nature, a spark of the sun, and a city nymph with a warrior’s soul – for she had many admirers. Billy knew nothing of that. Billy was fifteen and just thought she was fit. She looked like a tramp. She smelled of sandalwood.  

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