Tuesday 30 October 2012

Cumberbatch, Spall, Who, Creek, and Corsets

No one else is thinking about it yet, but don’t worry people – I’m on the case.
             Weeks before anyone else cares to even consider it I’ve delved deep into the corridors of the secret Christmas Radio Times and can reveal that yes, this year there is decent tele. Or one programme at least. This year (and to great delight) I’ve learned that Benedict Cumberbatch is to play Dr Who - alongside Timothy Spall as Dr Watson - in the two part story Jonathan Creek’s Christmas Ghost Story, based on the classic E. Nesbit book Dirk Gently and the Victorian Beowulf Zombie Dragon of Ripping Corset Lane.
            Shown on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself each two hour episode will go out exactly at the point lunch has gone down enough to reach for the delicious teatime spread.
            And I for one am just giddy with excitement!   


  1. And there I was hoping they'd repeat 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea with James Mason.

    I think they can digitally add Dr Who into the middle of it anyway if enough people vote during the film

  2. Well at least its not going to be a rehash of well known stories by well known authors masquerading as avant guard cutting edge TV drama by exciting new writers.

  3. I think it's more to do with escaping Stalag Luft III, and an enormous man with metal teeth. Still fingers crossed, eh!