Friday 2 March 2012

Slide23, One Year Old Today!

Slide23 is one year old today.
It’s been fun and it has been therapeutic. I write because that’s what I do, or draw, or look after my kids, and... that’s all I do. I write for work but here I can write about what I like. It is no different to me than otherwise watching tele. Indeed having put the kids to bed it’s what I do instead of just surfing the net and wondering why on whatever forum people are just basically beastly to one another? And if you want to write, you should do. Every day. And if you can’t think of something to write, then don’t. It’s a craft, not an art, you have to practise it. You have to enjoy it. I was criticised previously for not having web presence so this is that, for whatever purpose that serves.
In a year (at the time of writing) the Slide has had a few hundred more than 20,000 hits, which may be good, or it may be bad, but it certainly does not matter. It jumped a lot in December where whilst it elicited few comments Nicely Pink must have done something as it doubled the monthly hits, which were then exceeded in January, and then February to nigh on 3500 last month. There have been 376 posts to date for a total of 100,782 words, and 379 comments. I like posting, I like reading the comments, I like that a lot of people browse, and email me. I do it for myself. I don’t really trumpet the blog. There’s a link in emails, on my work board and friends boards. Infrequently I post on Facebook. There’s no end-use for Slide23, there’s no agenda, no purpose other than what it is. 
I write oddly because I can’t really abide blogs that die out when people (because we’re all rather ordinary) don’t actually have that much happen, and myself more than any of you. And it’s easy, it’s what I do. Banging off a few hundred words and less than a single work piece each day takes no time at all.
But that said, it’s been lovely having you. It really has, and it really is. It’s a diary of things that might have happened.
So have a balloon, help yourself to jelly. There’s cheap wine in the fridge and the sausage rolls are in the oven.    
Here in Tolly Maw.

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  1. Happy birthday and many many happy returns I hope. It links me to a world I would rather inhabit. One I feel more at home in and more than entertained
    I've had jelly, with custard and tinned peaches just now.
    I've had two days of miserable snotty cold so far and Tolly Maw make germs go away.

  2. Many happy returns to the inhabitants of Tolly Maw. The Slide has been a constant source of surprise, amusement and often dimly recollected, distant familiarity in this house. A pleasure to read each evening, all the more since it's always felt like it was a pleasure to write. So cheers Alan for one year and looking forward to the next. Happy Birthday.