Tuesday 3 January 2012


In the 80s to the 90s if it was a science-fiction, dark future or a space opera affair then in our games there would always be Vargr. Originating in one form in Traveller Vargr might well be old Norse for wolf, and modern Swedish (Varga) likewise, but they were never the proud, noble beasts so beloved of t-shirts and oddly chosen tea-towels. Not in our hands anyway. They were thugs, they were almost always soldiers, they got in the way, and apart from when they were feeling frisky – they were angry. Mostly because despite being wolves, they were also, always, very short. So they had the loudest weapons, drank, and played music loudly. They were the metaller kids from school and Uni - only actually possessed with one tenth the potential for destruction such kids wanted. And none of them ever had girlfriends (genetically designed super-soldiers just don’t).
Mostly they were funny.
And the picture above is a remnant of such times. Found crumpled and only copied as a photo, it’s doubtless Arrf, or Ven, or Lt. Snarf (but never Fido). And the thing about their coco-pops of a morning was that they even turned the vodka brown. And your regulation issue vac-suit trousers too, if when playing Traveller you managed to get to the end of character-generation without inadvertently and unfortunately dying.
Woof fucking woof.

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