Saturday 7 January 2012

Big Bang Theory 'New Friends'

With Season Five of the popular sitcom drawing to a close it has been announced that two further series have already been commissioned. The sitcom previously a well-written diversion from the common ground of six friends sharing their petty anxieties and twenty-minute pathos over breaking up one with one another has struck gold with a public that having not had to watch the first three series because it was about nerds, now ‘get it’ - that it’s about seven friends who increasingly are anxious and have feelings for one another.
‘The ratings have risen high enough for it to become Friends,’ Executive Producer Dirk Studley is quoted as saying. ‘Without needing all that comic-con shit that no one understood. Well not me, comics aren’t cool any more are they? I saw the tweet.’ He later retracted the statement, declaring the quote to be a misquote, as he never tweeted anything, tweeting not being cool, it seems. Nor read any tweets. Probably true, as reading he was also earlier reported as saying is for ‘Mama’s boys and Canadians’.
David Schwimmer (who takes over the role of Howard Wolowitz, a sulky Jewish nerd) is said to be looking forward to stretching himself in new directions where in this show he will hilariously be the only one not to have a Doctorate. Seen on set coaching Leonard Hofstedter the new series promises to focus more on Leonard’s obsession with girl-next-door Rachel who only likes him when he is with someone else.
‘Focus groups have allowed us to steer the show away from the idea of four intelligent men that play console games and who apparently don’t have sex very much (only at least once every episode between them) to scripts with less syllables in them. We’re toning down the physics content after we got bored reading up on it on Wikki.’
The new writers brought in mid-way through the current series having already allowed Sheldon to be cured of his OMG (sic), are said to be really looking forward to developing the Klingon super-villain away from the ‘insulting way in which he shows that mentalists don’t need care and shit’ to a more rounded character ‘that wears a turkey on his head and solves cancer and stuff’.
Fans that liked The Big Bang Theory from Series 1 (they got the complete box set at Christmas and watched the first series) will doubtless be cheered also by the news that Dr Rajesh Koothrappali (an Indian played by London-born actor Kunal Nayyar) has escaped from his time-travelling island where it was revealed that he was an Iraqi member of the Republican Guard.
Phoebe will play Soft Kitty a lot. It will be hilarious.       

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  1. Oh god - absolutely. I even saw an episode recently where the various girls went and tried on bridesmaids' dresses while the guys talked about their relationships. Nobody mentioned D&D, or the possibility of digging an entry to the tunnels of Tibet from under the comic store, even once. The single ray of sunshine was Brent Spiner destroying a mint in box Wil Wheaton figure.