Saturday 15 December 2012

Ghost Writer

I was astonished on my return to find the following waiting for me –‘

Dear, sir?
I say sir because I make that presumption from your pieces. Forgive me if that is otherwise, miss, or mrs. I write because my daughter Anne found my name here, I thought I had been entirely forgotten (which might not indeed be in any way a very bad thing) and it is her account I use to contact you. I am very flattered by what you have written about what were at the time first simple exercises in what we considered then to be a very new wave in art. Later of course it was a means to an end, and I had many debts, and the habit of making more whenever I managed to ruin those I had by paying them! If you have any particular questions I would be very pleased to answer them though you should be aware that I have no use for computers myself and like a letter left at my old address they will reach me whenever I see Anne, which is not as often I find at my age as I would like.
Regards to yourself and your friend Rob,
GD (Holbourne)
PS. You should know that whilst your picture of the foul MF Luther does not resemble the young man that inspired the character I now find I cannot remember him at all and now can only conjour your own image to mind! Please take that as a compliment.

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