Sunday 2 December 2012

Sip, Suck, a Linear Life

I had some trouble recently making sure I was quite where I was meant to be. What with the slides aligning I’m back here again, and I’m not completely surprised as I’m right at probably the most important pinch point of my life, or at least so far, and I’d bailed out of it, so I’ve come back. At least I’m younger again, though comfortable at having slipped back in the last day I’m not, because... you don’t know what I’m talking about. As long as I can work out what I should have done and do it, or did not do – and do, things will go well. Or if not, then onwards. You and your linear life. Not I.
            My keyboard has no keys. Or rather because I write all day, each and every day, there’s nothing printed on them any closer than between a faded ‘q’ and ‘]’ on the top and much the same on the bottom. As long as I do not look at them I can type fine. See, here I am. Fine, not fint which is what happens when I looked down and not at the screen. Of such things are anchors made.
            I’m at this pinch point again and let’s hope I make the right decisions. I’m just out of the early stages when everything sounds scripted and I know exactly what will happen just before it does. Almost.
            Don’t you just hate that?
            Well no, obviously. You have a linear life. That must suck.
            Not that sucking is itself a bad thing. Faced with a delicious boiled sweet then there is little better. Without sucking then a delicious cool beverage would grow warm if the only thing between it and I were a straw. A suck is just a more boisterous sip after all. And I’m all for the boisterous. Only, in its place. Not on, for example, the bus. The bus is for sitting and preferably reading. And reading does not sip. It is very much a boisterous suck. So you can be boisterous on the bus, as long it is with a book. And now the word ‘boisterous’ is losing its meaning.  So we can safely say that to suck is not a bad thing.
Nor then is your linear life; though it might sip a little.


  1. I'm never sure. About the linear. I know people I haven't met. I understand where something is going even before the people involved know there is something. New things seem hackneyed and I am very rarely surprised. I argue because I know where something is going to end and it confuses the person I am arguing with no end. Yet I have always hidden, or been hidden or side stepped or jumped.
    There may have been one big slide somewhere which I have forgotten, or at least forgotten the details but not that I need to avoid it happening again. So I jump and hide and wait.

  2. No, sorry - that's not what I meant at all.