Sunday 20 May 2012

Tea Leaf

It’s been pointed out to me today (by my very good friend Rob) that ‘Muth 299986’ has a smashing new blog out today. Apart from pages of death-thin models he or she has also got an awful lot of very good articles on it. I’d recommend them to you, even cut a link – but since word-for-word and even picture-by-picture they are exactly what you can see on here there’s no need really is there?
I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for it all. For copying over much of this blog, to his or her own.
I’m jolly well looking forward to hearing it!


  1. Possibly. We know a computer security specialist that doesn't like to talk about his work after all. I'm pretty sure they don't give out nippy Audi sports cars with a lot of unmarked buttons on the dash to just everybody after all.