Monday 14 May 2012

But From Whom?

Did you know that books have trailers nowadays?
I was sent this by a fine fellow who was doubtless equally surprised to find out, Jim Eldridge. Jim (whose name you can hear every half hour on Radio4 Extra) is a craftsman. Not one to simper around claiming high art for every word, Jim’s being grafting for years – with about a million books out, half as many tele scripts and as I say every other thing that’s ever been on Radio4, ever, his latest book does indeed come with a trailer, as you can see if you click on the link above.
He’s also (and as a complete aside) the most tactful and encouraging chap I’ve ever met. Once - and I swear to Cope this is true - I was in company with other hacks and a lot of want-to-be hacks as he presided over a series of example script presentations for radio. One of these included frequent diversions to indicate mood and plot through wispy dance. Jim never for a beat lost his encouraging nod and amiable grin, and for quite a while too as we learnt exactly what is meant by the term dead air.
Jim's great.
A gentleman, a scholar, and quite possibly an acrobat.
Buy the book.

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