Thursday 31 May 2012

Sticky Dates

I got to go on a date yesterday.
                          You probably need to understand that I’ve never really dated since I was doing my o levels. I’ve never really been single either. A month of two one summer when I was much younger and then I still had fun, as it were, if you know what I mean. But I like being with a girlfriend, and I’ve been with Q for more than fifteen years and it was all two-three years relationships before that. But I’ve never really dated. Not met up to go on a date, then call me, call you, see how it goes. It’s tended to be more met in pub, spent the night, carried on doing so. But for almost nine years there’s been parenthood. We don’t live anywhere near our families, and I’m not close to any of mine, such as are still alive anyway. Hell, two or three times a year I get to see mates, go to the pub, that sort of thing. Otherwise one of us always has to be around doing sprout things with the sprouts.
                          But yesterday and our eldest is away on a climbing, canoeing, rambling, archery, boating few days. And our youngest was at Rainbows (that’s junior Brownies for those not in the know). So we got to sneak off to the pub and play pool for a whole hour. Then brought back a post-pub takeaway, at half-six.
              Man, real life can be fun. Imagine, a whole hour, out, with just my girlfriend?
                          Why didn’t anyone tell me?
                          So I went on a date yesterday.

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