Thursday 16 August 2012

Beach Volleyball Legacy

Beach volleyball received record viewing figures in the wake of the Olympics, internet watchdogs have reported today. The statistics show that repeat viewings through the BBCs Sport iPlayer late at night, when the missus is asleep, have surpassed the best bits from war films and watching The Inbetweeners again. In the all important back-from-the-pub slot the extra slow footage capturing the athletic prowess of one team or another has broken some, or possibly more, records.
So much so that ITV (keen to grab a piece of the pie) has announced a series covering important beach volleyball matches, and in an effort to explain the sport to those new to the game a late night special where they basically do away with a ball altogether. The show set to bring the highlights of the superb sportswomen adjusting their bikini-bottoms, sometimes when they’re signalling to their teammates (but mostly ‘whenever’), is to be presented by Russell Brand. Brand, already said to be excited by his first sporting role, has been whooping and waving his arms like the lead in a rejected 1970s sitcom whilst running around to the Benny Hill theme tune.
‘It’s important that we consider the legacy of the London 2012 Olympics,’ one industry insider has been quoted as saying, ‘Especially the girls jumping about and pulling exerting faces whilst Brand fingers his many medallions with both hands behind his head.’
The show, to be called ‘Tug of War’, is set to arrive in early September.

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