Wednesday 11 May 2011

Tom Clancy's Showaddywaddy

Tom Clancy’s new novel ‘Shoddy Wadi’ having reputedly secured Belgium as a publishing advance hits the shelves next week. I’ve been sent an advance copy and I would be the most sherbet of knaves then not to offer up a review. As ever I dislike reading too much of the plot of any novel in such things and so I will follow my own preferences - but it will surprise no one to find that in this John Clark is back. Herein John, Vietnam veteran, criminal, American Dad and scathing critic of any weapon but a simple pistol has to compete with great swathes of his own novel diverting into tightly paced plot and really rather graphic weapon porn.
In a story that tell us how great English bread is Clark on the orders of Harrison Ford has to find the Holy Grail. The only clue uncovered by suit-wearing desk-jockeys at the CIA is the word Showaddywaddy. Clark’s long term partner Domingo Chavez has been killed between novels and indeed to recover this very information. Now Ding’s son (and Clark’s grandson) Inigo Montoya is after revenge against a mysterious six-fingered man, and as an aside to find the one-armed man that...
...ah hell, I don’t know, there was all this stuff about a special-forces submarine tank that shits machine guns.
And hell, apparently they could have done with a special-forces submarine tank that shits machine guns ‘back in 3rd SOG’
And couldn’t we all?

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