Thursday 26 May 2011

Auf Wiedersehen, Cheryl Cole

Well that didn’t last long, and after only her first scrap with the Differently Empowered Of America it seems that Cheryl Cole is being booted out of X Factor. Not only it seems is she unable to run very well but worse and despite sessions with a better writer no one can understand her without the use of subtitles. And Subtitles doesn’t belong to X Factor, but home-grown super group Britain’s Got Talent. For myself if they’d just said she had a crap power (as is obvious) I would have left all well alone – but really, her accent? How thick can it be, half her team mates are telepaths!
Cheryl Cole’s accent was perfectly fine I’ll point out when in the 90s she solved crime as Spender. And where were all the complaints when in the decade before that she hefted bricks on a building site in Dusseldorf (with comedian Bill Bailey as it happens, then known as ‘Bomber’)?  Her accent seemed to trouble no one when as a singer she broke into the mainstream with her 1994 smash Crocodile Shoes. All this and whilst still maintaining her day job as a Detective Sergeant for Oxford CID, where by day - and whilst also Spender remember -  she would be bemused for the late Inspector Morse (formerly Flying Squad), and by night right wrongs in her superhero identity as Cheryl Cole.
Albeit mostly by having a bit of an old weep, pet.
Picture - Adam Hughes.

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