Friday 6 May 2011

Harry Potter/Inbetweeners Reboot

Hagrid and Harry Potter

Harry: No one would get fingered for a bet Ron... with the possible exception of your sister.
Ron: Take that back.
Harry: You’re right I do take that back. On the other hand your mum would probably get fingered for a packet of biscuits.
You have to applaud the vision. The Harry Potter series is not quite finished in the cinema yet and they’re already remaking the last three films but this time and typically so, as a gritty reboot. Transplanting the entire cast of The Inbetweeners into Hogwarts no longer do 16 year old boys worry about the difficulty of Advanced Potions and instead pass an increasingly spunky biscuit.
Professor Snape (Dylan Moran): You’ve had an eventful day bunking off Defence Against The Dark Arts, buying butter beer illegally, defacing Hermione’s landing and insulting Harry’s dead dad. Have I missed anything?
Ron: We also hit a spastic with the Snitch.
Less concerned now with Lord Voldemort (‘Paedo’) or the Death Eaters (‘Benders’) Harry being both rich and the school’s sporting hero is no longer quite the outcast previously portrayed . Indeed and beating Voldemort (a whole scene revolves around those two words) every year, he is to quote Ron, ‘balls deep in clunge’.
And I can’t wait.

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