Thursday 5 May 2011

Cheryl Cole To Battle Magneto

You’ve probably seen in the news that Cheryl Cole has been signed up for X Factor in the States. This is probably good news and of course we wish her well battling Magneto. Formerly of rather crap British super group Girlx Xallowed the Geordie mutant, seen here in her new team uniform, had been quoted as weeping a bit. Cheryl Cole (more publically known by her super-identity Cheryl Cole) recently caused confusion when on a booked appearance at the San Diego Comic Con it was revealed she had never been the Chief Engineer on the wimpy version of Star Trek.
The daughter of classical British actor George Cole and Princess Dejah Thoris (Mars), Cheryl Cole was educated at St Trinians where it was revealed in the News Of The World last year that she had once stolen a race horse, a train and had attacked Joyce Grenfell with a hockey stick.  
Art, Adam Hughes.

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