Thursday 5 April 2012

DCF Deadman

Short one today, I’m in the midst of backtracking and rewriting/rescuing three odd thousand words for work since on the original go through and then write I missed one teeny, tiny rite from the game – whose impact then affected the last quarter or so of a big old turn! I console myself that I caught it now, rather than having to do the same after it was sent off and looking a complete tool. I could have bull-shitted it out, but I can never bring myself to do that sort of thing. This is why we take the time to check and edit, boys and girls!
The piece here isn’t from a comic, but rather a one-off first page from the old DCF web fiction pages from something like ten years ago. Mostly American run and produced, the much smaller Brit contingent (mostly myself and Rob) had something of a different take on the whole thing. Admittedly you wouldn’t want to see a Guy Ritchie directed film of Moorcock’s Cornelius setting, but it made for a lot of fun prose - and it was a lot different to caped heroes being simply damn heroic! This piece was done for one episode, just as a bit of fun as a lead-in to the what was otherwise entirely text. And being ten odd years ago, I would cringe to reread what I did then – now.


  1. Happy memories there. Especially the walking tour around London we did one night to scout out locations for a 'DCF guide to London', and that time we met up with Jac and his girlfriend, not to mention the various pub meets when we just thrashed out ideas. :)

  2. Oh, it was a lot of fun - and being able to collaborate on something is always good, especially around a beer. Typically though others did not have quite the same output.