Wednesday 31 August 2011

Julian Cope, and Julian Cope

It’s hard to argue with the success of shows such as Rome and Band Of Brothers and who isn’t excited by the news that filming has already begun by HBO on a ten part series based on the life of rock star, pop sensation and wizard Julian Cope? Grittier than sandpaper the biopic is set to explore Cope’s life in an admittedly disjointed fashion using more than twelve different actors for different stages of the life of the man once described by Aleister Crowley in his seminal work Beasts, Buttered Toast and the Teardrop Explodes as ‘he, he that shall come after, that true beast, this Arch Drood, on a Tuesday, some time in the afternoon, a wet one’.
Cope most famously known for sneaking about the countryside, lying on his side and taking pictures of rocks is an acknowledged expert on Neolithic man and his discovery that prehistorical humanity mostly worshipped Julian Cope. Most famous perhaps for his 80s hits Reward and World Shut Your Mouth Cope turned his back on the crass commerciality of the music industry to walk the land as a mystical vagabond in a pointy hat, in a Land Rover. The series is set to go back even further than this however, the first scene being that where having turned his back on the gods of Chaos (and slain his only friend Moonglum) Cope brings about the destruction of the old world and the birthing of this one by his sounding of the Horn of Fate.
Owing to certain tragic confusions regarding names, Sean Bean (set to portray Cope during his three years as a maverick cop in the fashion police) has been replaced by Rowan Atkinson where the series covers Cope's recent appearence in televsion adverts for Swift Cover.
‘Hey Baby, I Am The Show' is set to air next year.


  1. Great pic there of St Julian, but what of his time in holy orders, "Pope Cope - The Vatican Years", ?

  2. Episode 5 I think, there played by Richard E. Grant.