Friday 22 July 2011

Badgers, Bailiffs and the Wild, Wild Wood

The bailiffs are going into the Wild Wood next tuesday. Legislation has been passed regarding badgers and few people surely can believe that it’s not ultimately aimed at the wood. Given the tax raised on baseball caps and narrow, nasty little faces the Government can’t move against the weasels so they’ve chosen to attack their bigger, more determined cousins and the most outspoken of them all, Bill Badger.
Raised in Nutwood the Badgers were held under suspicion of being badgers by UNIT when during the early 50s the notorious Trufflehunter plagued upright England and whose exploits later formed the blueprint for Freddie Forsyth’s first novel, Day Of The Badger. Perhaps it was because of this early scrape with terror, torture and big-springed traps that saw Bill become such a proponent of Woodland Rights in the 60s. The great-grandson of Squire Badger whose ancestral and rather musty home he now occupies the papers had a field day given the very obvious differences between the leader of the Black Snouts in the 30s, and the then proclaimed ‘spring water socialist’, Bill.
Personally I think it’s going to make the Toad Hall Revolution look like Farthing Wood. So you know, good luck with that bailiff-boys.    
Picture, Bryan Talbot.


  1. Speaking of badgers, have you seen Ollie Haruds awesome Badger comics? Badgers, in suits, with guns, fighting. Doesnt get much better!

  2. Not for many years now - do you have a linky?