Thursday 13 October 2011

St. Natalie Imbruglia

The Right Reverend Ming (The Merciless) called by just now, leaning in through the window like a mongoose in a very loud suit on seeing a reluctantly innocent snake. He does it I think because of the sunsets, which here are magnificent and about which he dearly would wish to do something about.
Ming was much a fluster, but an excited one for it seems that god (in the person as regular readers will know of lovely John Le Mesurier) has revealed to him certain changes in the church. ‘Which is why,’ said Ming with collection box in hand, with a rattle, ‘that now I am here to collect on behalf of Natalie Imbruglia.’ I had not been aware that Ms.Imbruglia was in need of what remains to me after home, hearth, kith and kinder? But Ming is expecting this and explains with no small amount of gentleman’s relish that the church is not collecting specially for Natalie Imbruglia so much as collecting in reverence to the concept of Natalie Imbruglia.’
‘I'm not so very aware of her recent work,’ I did say.
‘This is Torn era Natalie Imbruglia.’
Ah, and there he has me. Us indeed. If this then is the new church how can any of us in all good conscience resist? We should go now to church and in so doing gently nod, albeit whole-heartedly, towards the very concept of a Torn-era Natalie Imbruglia. And come the hymns we will all do a funny little floppy-dance in the aisle. What choice have we now that a word against the church is a word against Torn-era Natalie Imbruglia?
Aaaaaand off you go to YouTube.*
And hey wait, you – yes you in the video with your slacks and stubble, and yes – you the other one, baldy, that’s right you tell him to go away...
*I'd give you a link, but when it came to the Angel gang I always preferred Fink.


  1. The bloke in the video is a gay actor. After all this era Natalie must remain pure and only "suggest" the temptation of the flesh.

    My ex-mother-in-law once commented about the actor, " he's done very well for himself in his career, despite being gay."

    (can't stop laughing now at the vision of said dancing)

  2. This era Natalie stole the hair and clothes from my better half as she was at the time. Also and to a somewhat lesser extent, the dancing.