Monday 17 October 2011

Hi-De-High Adventure!

I’m almost packed, which doesn’t take long. A single frame and canvass sack and otherwise that’s I all stout and looking forward to the next horizon. For soon I shall be off and in good company, for that company is my ardent brood and we’ve not had an ardently-brooding holiday for two years, and a month, or three, or more. As I write my beloved Q is loading up the Vega 5C, flustered as to space for it’s a convert, double bunks and gramophone. Checking labels and make for we’re off at first to the 1930s and then - who knows?
Whether sky-pirates or battling balloon hamlets, cities forgotten amongst ice and mountain blue, dance hall, gypsy ball, we’ll see it all.
It’s the only way to avoid the internet truth be told.
So high adventure and empty beaches for the sprouts, and ho how we’ll go to the back of beyond. For two weeks. So for these two weeks I bid you all a fond soon-be-back. I’ll leave the light on in the corner, feel free to browse, there’s plenty to see here still all hung with jolly bunting in Slide23.
Pip, pip!

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