Tuesday 19 April 2011

Talos and St Pancras

Transported from the Isle of Bronze on the connivance of Thomas Bruce (7th Earl of Elgin), the statue of Talos here seen in its new resting place in St Pancras Railway Station is typically for London a terrible accident waiting to happen. Whilst adorned with nightmarish images about the base to put off the unwary still it is hardly a secret that through deciphering them may they be opened.
Although the BFI recently made it official that there actually is no number of times one can see Jason and the Argonauts that can be considered too many, still there are people who will never do so. This is a shame as any day now the modern equivalents of Hercules and Hylas are bound to force entrance and think themselves very fine for running off with a giant gold sewing-needle and an unconvincingly big pearl.
How long can it be I ask you before Talos strides down Pentonville Road stamping on people otherwise oblivious with their iPods and their haircuts? And how angry will Talos be to find himself clothed and in the arms of one (who at best) we might hope to be a beardless youth?

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