Thursday 21 April 2011

Windy Miller Surrenders!

I hope there’s nothing important happening in the world right now as the local news takes the title very seriously. You might have caught a snippet due to the fame of the daughter of the protagonist but after a three day siege the father of Sienna Miller (Factory Girl, G.I Joe, and most notably Layer Cake), Glenn ‘Windy’ Miller has been taken into custody.
With the expansion of Trumpton into sites previously listed as being of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Miller family home at Colly’s Mill is to be demolished to make way for the new Chigley Bypass. Windy Miller unable to change or avert these plans took to the windmill with a small arsenal of firearms and explosives, stashed from his time when during WWII he was trained and equipped as a ‘Scalliwag’ in the Home Guard. Set to cause disruption and chaos in the event of a Nazi invasion, with the postponement and then abandonment of Operation Sea Lion Miller was never called upon to create either.
The need for the Bypass has faced both criticism and support from the local community. Ever since the death of Lord Belborough (and the subsequent closing of the narrow gauge railway he not only supported, but manned) public transport has been limited to a single bus. Even that ran once a day, a little after lunch and just before the news.
The siege’s conclusion was achieved without the need for the Special Forces (here seen in full dress uniform) when Mr Miller is said to have ‘become sleepy after drinking too much cider’. Windy Miller has been transported to Paddington Green Police Station to await charge. Miss Miller presently on the set of Yellow was not available for comment.   

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  1. Thanks for directing me here Alan, what a wonderful read I am only ashamed that I did not arrive sooner to dine on this wonderful fancy.