Thursday 16 June 2011

Forgotten Ink

I found today a picture I scarce remember drawing, and one that at four foot in length I bloody ought to! This is but a small bit of it, it’s all sort of like this but there’s so much more. It’s not new either, though I can’t place exactly when. It’s not like I draw so much I’d forget doing something, and this isn’t some quick sketch clearly. Pencils still there with the ink and so an unlikely unfinished thing, which is odd too as I never not-finish things, yet now I’ve moved on in style – I will have to accept that one thing I never will. So here it is, evidence I am mortal after all, oh the frailty of our now shared condition.


  1. Perhaps it's not finishedness is part of the finalé? at 4 feet in length it represents more detail than the can take in at one time and the fading to pencil, the start of thought, is a journey into the epistemological?

    or you got distracted :)


  2. There was probably a reason for it, that reason probably just fun like a silly-ambitious sketch.

    There's so much of it too.

  3. Perhaps a more apt title would be:
    Missing (L)ink Discovered!

  4. I'd scan more but big roll of paper vrs A4 scanner makes for uneven results.